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Book Online Consult on Healthspace

Healthspace allows you to consult the best doctors from the confort and safety of your home.

Access to the Best Doctors

Consult the best doctors over tele or video call. No More crowded waiting rooms and putting yourself at risk of infection. Provided as per the latest telemedicine guidelines.

Automated Reminders

No more missing your doctor's appointments. Get automated reminders of your upcoming appointments and consults. No need to install any additional software. Works on all mobile devices and web browsers. Complete and easy access to your bookings and schedule.

Get Digital Prescriptions

All Prescriptions delivered straight to your Healthspace account. No need to keep track of emails or physical reports. Share your medical history with your doctor for the best experience.

Consult a Doctor

Consult a Doctor Online

How to Consult a Doctor Online

* Fill in your details along with Doctor Speciality and Preferred Date of Consult.

* Make Payment to Receive the doctor details and confirmed time slot.

* Click on the Link provided in your confirmation message to Join the Consult with Doctor.

* Receive the Online Prescription directly in your Healthspace account.